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just for your information

Would you please stop friending my PERSONAL journal? If you wanna stay updated on my stuff watch or join my community here! It's simply senseless to friend my personal journal! I don't post graphics or layouts over there, no previews for my stuff either! Nothing for you to see, okay?

So stop it, would you?
♥ {Merlin} // Gwaine

!ModPost » Open Again...

Well. This might sound stupid but I'm tired of this "Members Only"-thing. Doesn't make sense when you don't moderate the membership (I cannot control who takes my stuff 'cause practically everyone can join without me noticing it) and that's exactly what's kinda annoying to me. Having to accept every single one of you and BLAH.

So. I decided that from now on my comm will be open for everyone again. You can still watch and join if you want to. It's up to you to leave the comm (cause watching will be enough in future) or whatever.

But that my comm isn't members only anymore doesn't mean I'm fine with hotlinking and stealing my stuff! Steal my bandwidth, hotlink whatever you find here and the links will probably expire or be replaced with porn! So, if you don't want porn pictures in your journal... DON'T HOTLINK! :P

ETA I'll unlock older icon posts tomorrow. ;)